Monthly Gyenze Puja

Modern Buddhist Fellowship (MBF) will be holding a monthly Gyenze Puja to ...

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MBF is launching its membership drive! New sign ups will receive limited ...

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Lions Of Gaden

Lions Of Gaden

Since the time of the Second Conqueror Manjunatha, many whom have followed ...
Essence Of Gaden

Essence of Gaden

Gaden is a name given to the heaven whereby all Bodhisattvas reside ...

Expressing Enlightenment

Buddhism has created a multitude of visual depictions of what enlightenment would ...

Latest News

Ullambana Puja 2015

In the Buddhist tradition, we remember the kindness of our loved ones whom have departed and also those who are still alive through prayer. The tradition of Ullambana dates back to the time of Lord Buddha who taught his disciple Maudgalyayana how to make offerings to the Sangha and dedicate it to his mother who […]

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Qing Ming 2015

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Modern Buddhist Fellowship Increasing Puja – Chinese New Year (22 Feb 2015)

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Ullambana Festival 2014

Join us on this day to commemorate our ancestors and our parents’ kindness. MBF will be conducting a puja/prayer dedicated to the loved ones of the sponsors. Contact us today if you wish to do any sponsorship. You can also download the sponsorship form below and send it to us!

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Qing Ming Prayer Event – 6 April

Join us on 6 April to repay our ancestors’ kindness with a prayer and peace to the world.

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Happy New Year 2014! Do take a look below on our extensive list of items that you can offer to the triple gems this coming Chinese New Year. Modern Buddhist Fellowship is performing a Protector Puja for the sponsors to bestow success, good health, happiness, peace and abundance for 2014. We encourage anyone who is […]

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Obstacles Clearing Puja

Modern Buddhist Fellowship will be holding a monthly Setrap Puja to clear obstacles for the sponsors and is open to public. In MBF, we introduced the practice of Lord Setrap to help clear obstacles and bring success, harmony and peace to all who invoke his blessings. Some benefits below Alleviate Financial Hardships (i.e. job seeking/better sales/etc) […]

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Tsongkhapa Prayers

1. Gaden Lhagyama Je Tsongkhapa embodies the Bodhisattvas of Compassion (Avalokiteshvara or Kuan Yin), Wisdom (Manjushri) and Power (Vajrapani). Connecting with Je Tsongkhapa by thinking of him with faith, reciting his holy mantra, meditating on his omnipresence and practising his Guru Yoga blesses us with a deep sense of peace and clarity of mind we […]

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Tsongkhapa Quotes by Great Lamas

Lama Yeshe’s master was Lama Tsongkhapa who, he says, was a master of “perfect renunciation.”  “Places on earth where you can study the pure teachings of Lama Tsongkhapa are very few. That’s why it is considered something very precious.”  – Lama Zopa Rinpoche “In my opinion, having the opportunity to practice the guru yoga of […]

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