About Us

Modern Buddhist Fellowship is a group of young and dynamic yuppies who are passionate about spreading the teachings of love, peace and ancient Buddhist wisdom in the modern world today. We are especially passionate about the works, writings and teachings of the Incomparable Lama Je Tsongkhapa who was a scholar monk, mendicant and compassionate saint who lived in the 14th century. Following Je Tsongkhapa’s footsteps, we have gathered together to form a group in order to promote and propagate Je Tsongkhapa’s teachings in modern day language.

Manjunatha Lama Tsongkhapa


The Workaholic

Ah Chye – The Workaholic

President of MBF, Ah Chye is the motivational force behind the entire MBF team working a few jobs in order to be able to sustain some of our Dharma activities. A family man, a director in his team of sales people, a leader in MBF, Ah Chye is one of the fore runners of modern day Buddhism who hits a balance between secular and spiritual works.

The Workaholic does his works in the background with little recognition or fame in order to get things going for the entire fellowship with the hopes of  spreading Lama Tsongkhapa’s teachings in this vibrant city.

The Dreamer

Joshua – The Dreamer

Born and bred in Singapore, he received training and tutoring from his uncle who is an artist by profession. His passion and yearning for art grew over the years as he matured with age, his love for art grew silently as his uncle passed on.

His growing years was infused with a strong influence of Buddhism and when he met Tibetan Buddhism, it all hit home. He began appreciating Buddhism and art altogether which led him to spearhead the art division of MBF which focuses on bringing spirituality through art.

The Dharma Bum

JJ – The Dharma Bum

The Dharma Bum has been a fortunate kid who has met with H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche in his late teens who has received teachings, care and guidance from Rinpoche when he was serving Rinpoche.

Armed with the passion to spread Lama Tsongkhapa’s Dharma in the Lion City with Rinpoche’s blessings of course, he has worked together with some of the core group of MBF and set the ball rolling for more people to come into contact with Lama Tsongkhapa’s teachings so that it will be able to benefit them much.


The Activist

Kelvin – The Activist

Kelvin is the power generator in MBF. Working a full time job in a bank and spends the rest of his time with his family, his wife and Dharma. Kelvin found answers to the questions he had in his spiritual path in Lama Tsongkhapa and has been working very hard in bringing MBF and Lama Tsongkhapa to the forefront of the spiritual scene in Singapore.

Kelvin protrudes an energy of enthusiasm, spontaneity imbued with kindness and passion for his work in bringing the Dharma to people.

The Thinker

Hee Peng – The Thinker

Hee Peng had the great fortune to meet with H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche at the tender age of 12 and took refuge with Rinpoche then. These seeds of Dharma planted decades ago has finally flourish at this time and space as he uses his time, knowledge and energy into helping others.

Hee Peng has a lot to share about Dharma and is very passionate about it. In the brutal secular world he is in, he keeps Dharma in the forefront of his life in order to help him juggle and keep calm.



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