Seniors on a boat ride

boat ride

MBF helps the community whenever we can, regardless of age and race. We hope that for every single effort that we put in be it companionship or material needs, we are able to ease their suffering and bring them happiness.

On the morning of 25th Aug, members and friends of MBF gathered at Kim Tian Place (near Bukit Merah) to bring about 20 “pioneers” of Singapore out for a cruise ride at Clark Quay. They came from different background and sizes. Some have families, some didn’t and stayed alone.

I remember vividly I was sitting next to this elderly called Mr Toh on the cruise ride. He was short in stature, big arms and really cheerful. He was telling me stories about the river in the past and where he used to work along the river. He was a coolie, carrying rice sacks from boats to the shop houses located along the river. It was hard work but he was happy and humble. He told me he had a good life, even better in his current “golden years” where many volunteers bring them out for excursions.

Here we have a simple man, who probably spent his whole life carrying sacks of rice and eating simple meals and he was happy and contented. Contrary to him, most of us will be chasing after glamorous jobs, eating expensive meals and partying with friends will give us happiness. But are we really happy? How do we know how much is enough? It seemed never ending.

Throughout the cruise ride, I was contemplating on his words, which also gave thoughts to – ” Do we know what exactly is happiness?

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