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Types of Thangkas

Pigment Thangkas (Tib.) tson-tang  These range of thangkas are the most commonly seen and created for meditational use in its religious practices. The colors are prepared by grinding valuable and precious stones into small particles or powder and then mixed with animal gluten and water before it was applied to the surface of the canvas. […]

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Thangkas are similar to chinese scroll paintings, they are widely painted on cotton cloth or paper and brocaded into rollable pieces. Traditionally, Thangkas are sent to monastery for qualified monks for consecration after they were brocaded.  The making of thangka involves many complicated processes and there are certain prerequisites and stringent requirements to adhere to as […]

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Expressing Enlightenment

Buddhism has created a multitude of visual depictions of what enlightenment would have looked like. This has been influenced by many civilizations and cultures but nonetheless never failed in bringing out the light of wisdom and compassion of the enlightened Beings. MBF’s art classes are organized by our resident artist who has been passionate about […]

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