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Essence Of Gaden

Essence of Gaden

Gaden is a name given to the heaven whereby all Bodhisattvas reside before taking rebirth for the last time on earth to manifest their full enlightenment. Also known as the Land of Joy and Tushita in Sanskrit, the monastery which was built in Lama Tsongkhapa’s honor and to assist his works was given this name […]

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One Million Migtsemas for the flourishing of Dharma What is Migtsema? Migtsema is the praise and mantra of Lama Je Tsongkhapa composed by the great Sakyapa master Jetsun Rendawa in praise and appreciation of Je Tsongkhapa’s qualities and virtues. In this praise, we evoke the energies of the Buddhas’ Compassion, Wisdom and Spiritual Strength. This […]

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What’s In A Prayer?

In different faiths and beliefs, we all have one common thing called prayer. What is it really? A means of communication with the Divine or is it something which we can do in order to let a higher or bigger force come into our lives? Each of these prayers sum up a mass of energy […]

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