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Qing Ming Prayer Event – 6 April

Join us on 6 April to repay our ancestors’ kindness with a prayer and peace to the world.

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Obstacles Clearing Puja

Modern Buddhist Fellowship will be holding a monthly Setrap Puja to clear obstacles for the sponsors and is open to public. In MBF, we┬áintroduced the practice of Lord Setrap to help clear obstacles and bring success, harmony and peace to all who invoke his blessings. Some benefits below Alleviate Financial Hardships (i.e. job seeking/better sales/etc) […]

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What’s In A Prayer?

In different faiths and beliefs, we all have one common thing called prayer. What is it really? A means of communication with the Divine or is it something which we can do in order to let a higher or bigger force come into our lives? Each of these prayers sum up a mass of energy […]

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